5 Top SEO Trends for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses in 2018

From content marketing to SEO’s technical side, what should small to medium-sized businesses be doing in 2018? Here, we round up the trends that are set to be some of the New Year’s biggest in Search Engine Optimization writes Aaron Rudman-Hawkins Managing Director at The Evergreen Agency

If you’re a company with a presence online, you’ll know that part of the battle of ensuring your business is a success is in making sure you rank well on search engines. If you’re on this site, you won’t be a stranger to SEO and its omnipotence in the online world.

You’ll know that your site needs to outperform its competition for potential customers to find you. But do you know what will be hot in SEO as 2018 rolls around? If not, allow us to talk you through some of our predicted trends for the New Year.

Voice Search

Tech is evolving at such a speed that, eventually, consumers won’t even have to lift a finger to find what they want online-and if the rise of voice search is anything to go by , they certainly won’t have to move a single, solitary muscle.

When you consider that, according to Google, one in every five searches already come from voice queries, it’s worth noting the opportunity this kind of technology presents to companies like yours.  Search Engine Watch says the site is ‘expecting to see an even bigger shift towards voice search in 2018’, with the rise of this kind of search functionality meaning companies and SEO experts will need to focus more on long-tail search keywords, and a language that’s in line with customers’ conversational tones.

If you’re the proud owner of an Amazon Echo Dot, or a Google Home, you’ll know that voice-activated gadgets like these can provide a smooth, seamless experience to anyone who doesn’t feel too foolish talking to a robot.

Helping companies access data and ensure a stress-free life for anyone who owns one, gadgets like the Echo Dot may soon mean the humble Google search is a thing of the past.

Visual Search

So, what’s the next logical step after voice-activated search functionalities? Visual search! It takes Internet browsing to the next level and means brands with eye-catching products to display can grab the attention of their target market with minimum fuss.

When you think about it, it stands to reason that visual search will be the next big thing. With image-led sites like Instagram becoming more and more popular, it’s clear that people want their news, views, reviews (and everything in between!) in a much more easily digestible manner.

Wondering how visual search will work for you? Start optimizing your images for SEO purposes and you may eventually see a rise in your online traffic . And don’t forget to add images to your blog posts, too. After all, the last update you saw-be it on Facebook, Twitter or online-probably contained at least one striking picture. It’s what can pull us in from the get-go (since everything is becoming more disposable and it’s harder to gain and maintain people’s attention these days), so make sure your articles are well-populated with imagery that best reflects your brand and its messages.


Why pay thousands for an SEO guru to optimize your site and its content when you can self-learn the basics of search engine optimization and essentially do the same job with much less financial outlay?

I predict self-learning is going to be huge in 2018! SEO is now for everyone-not just for large companies, but for small business owners, entrepreneurs, traditional marketers, and one-man and one-woman bands (or rather, brands).

SEO in 2018 won’t be reserved for the digital marketers . Instead, those with a smaller budget can teach themselves the basics of search engine optimization from the comfort of their own home-and at their own pace.

I’d say self-teach SEO is the only feasible way to grow your small business online, because any other route to a better-optimized site can prove expensive.

Mobile Optimization

Times, they are a-changing; people don’t just get their information via their PC or laptop anymore. Thanks to the rise in smartphone use, it makes sense that more and more people are using their pocket-friendly Internet browsers to discover what’s important to them. From directions to the nearest café, or a quick shop for something new via One-Click on Amazon in your lunch, consumers can literally do it all (except make a cup of coffee- watch this space, though!) on their mobile device.

According to this blog, since 2015, mobile searches on Google’s SERPS have trumped those made from desktop computers. What that means to you, then, is mobile optimization should be a top priority for your business in 2018-and you guessed it, you can learn the basics via my online course.

Since Google now recommends that websites have a template or theme which works across all mobile devices, it’s time to make sure your website is up to speed in terms of its responsiveness.

Content, Content, Content!

Trends come and go, but one thing that’s unlikely to waiver is Google’s love of great content! I often tell my clients that to rank well, ‘you must deserve to rank well’. So, if you can show the search engines that you can consistently produce high-quality content, then you’re onto something in terms of how high up the search engines you appear .

Create well-thought-out content (which basically means content that people will want to read) that prospective customers can learn from, and they’ll visit your site again and again. It really is as simple as that. And the next time they land on your site hey they may just make a purchase!

What do you predict will be a big trend in SE0 in 2018? And how have some of the trends mentioned here helped boost your online business?


Source: https://www.martechadvisor.com/articles/seo/5-top-seo-trends-for-small-to-mediumsized-businesses-in-2018/

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