Google Pricing For Maps, Routes and Places !

Since 16th of July – the Pricing for Google core products is pay as you go and you only pay for what you use. You also get a recurring $200 credit on your billing account each month to offset your usage costs, and you can set usage limits to protect against unexpected cost increases. For more information on pricing changes by API, browse the Guide for Existing Users and the guide to understanding billing. You can also understand your current API usage in the Google Cloud Platform console, and estimate your monthly bill with the pricing calculator.


$200 monthly credit
Equivalent free usage
Monthly volume range
(Price per thousand calls)
0—100,000 100,001-500,000 500,001+

Mobile Native Static Maps
Unlimited loads $0.00 $0.00 Contact Sales

for volume discounts.

Mobile Native Dynamic Maps
Unlimited loads $0.00 $0.00

Unlimited loads $0.00 $0.00

Embed Advanced
Up to 14,000 loads $14.00 $11.20

Static Maps
Up to 100,000 loads $2.00 $1.60

Dynamic Maps
Up to 28,000 loads $7.00 $5.60

Static Street View
Up to 28,000 panos $7.00 $5.60

Dynamic Street View
Up to 14,000 panos $14.00 $11.20


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